Origami instructions and how to make origami

Sorry, I've just started to build english version of the site, there's not so many contents in english.

japanese version would be ok, cuz you don't need to read japanese to fold origami.

Just check diagrames.

On this site, we'd like to introduce you how to fold origami and how to make origami.
Children of all ages, as well as adults, can enjoy origami! We will not only show you how to fold origami but many other things too, including how to think up ways to fold origami.
Also, you may be able to make your own origami from the original origami that we will show you.

Since you can download origami, you can print it out and start folding straight away!

We think the games are also fun, and your new origami discoveries even more so.

If you start from the beginning and read all the way through, you're in for a lot of entertainment.


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Origami instructions and how to make Origami